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People who abuse drugs or alcohol usually never intended to find themselves with an addiction problem. Some were simply trying to control pain and began misusing a prescribed painkiller while others may have been self-medicating to make symptoms of depression or anxiety more manageable. Some people are even genetically prone to developing the condition under the right set of circumstances. Regardless of what spurred the onset of addiction, substance abuse help for residents of Philadelphia is available.

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How is addiction diagnosed?

A thorough evaluation needs to be performed to determine if substance abuse is a problem. An addiction diagnosis is generally not assessed through physical examinations and lab tests alone, although a close look at the eyes can sometimes indicate if someone is under the influence of certain types of substances. Lab tests can indicate that drugs are in a person’s system, but they are more helpful in determining if someone who has been abusing drugs or alcohol has any underlying physical conditions that may need to be addressed to optimize healthy outcomes. A series of questions that warrant an honest look at your own use of various substances can shed light on your particular circumstances.

Some warning signs that may suggest substance abuse issues include:

• Increasing dose or frequency of a medication without a doctor’s authorization
• Intense cravings for a specific drug or alcohol
• Prioritizing the use of the drug over other personal and professional responsibilities
• Experiencing withdrawal when the drug is absent
• Preoccupation with access to the drug
• Using the drug when the results could be unsafe

It’s not uncommon for denial to be an initial reaction if a professional inquires about your use of prescription drugs and other substances. Realizing a problem exists can be difficult, particularly if you haven’t noticed some of the same things others in your family or circle of friends have picked up on. In fact, many times you may find that friends and family members experience their own level of denial. Specially trained professionals are experienced in recognizing signs of substance use disorders and providing the guidance and encouragement an affected person might need to find resources for drug treatment in Philadelphia. Choosing to be honest with your care provider about your use of different substances goes a long way toward setting you up for getting the help you need. We want to make the process even easier by offering our support and guidance in any way that we can.

The addiction specialists at Rehabs Philadelphia take a compassionate and caring approach to the people we assist and want to offer the relief and support needed to begin the path to substance abuse recovery. The specifics of the monitoring and care offered to people needing addiction treatment in Philadelphia are tailored to each situation. The types of drugs involved, individual personal strengths, and the availability of ongoing support are all considered when creating a comforting approach for getting each person well. Whether you could benefit from inpatient alcohol abuse treatment or you’re a good candidate for inpatient drug abuse treatment, your care will be overseen by professionals skilled in handling addiction recovery.

Why does withdrawal occur?

Some people have concerns about the withdrawal process because of information they may have read on the internet or heard from friends and family. Withdrawal occurs because the brain is suddenly deprived of a substance that feels it needs to function. During the deprivation, the brain signals to the body that the drug is needed, intensifying the cravings. Sometimes, symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, hallucinations, or tremors, accompany this reaction. We understand that it’s daunting to know this could happen, but we also prioritize your comfort and will help you find individualized care that keeps you as calm and safe as possible.
When the brain is continuously denied its craving, the body begins to rid itself of the remaining traces and effects of the drug. This is known as detoxification. Going through drug detox as part of inpatient substance abuse treatment gives you the opportunity to have professionals around at all times to help ease your symptoms. You’ll receive reassurance that what you’re feeling is normal throughout the entire process of inpatient drug addiction recovery. Eliminating the effects of a substance not only allows your body to begin to recover and reinstate normal healthy functioning, but it also allows you to regain clear and unaffected thinking so you’re better equipped to handle the emotional and mental portion of achieving sobriety.

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Determining the right substance abuse treatment option

Rehabs Philadelphia is designed to assist people from all walks of life. For example, someone striving for alcohol addiction recovery might be able to work with trained professionals that can provide the support necessary to stop the alcohol abuse on an outpatient basis.

Others, however, may find that an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment option makes more sense and offers more support through each phase of the drug detoxification and therapeutic process. Inpatient addiction treatment allows for close monitoring in a safe environment by staff qualified to see people with substance use disorders through inpatient drug addiction recovery.
Addiction treatments, not a one-size-fits-all process. Our staff understands that every person that approaches us for help needs individualized care. Our goal is to assist you in rediscovering a life free from addiction. Regardless of age, gender, occupation, and socioeconomic status, we strive to play an instrumental role in connecting you with the resources designed to support and care for you.

Call our team of addiction specialists today at (866) 274-7844 to inquire about inpatient addiction treatment and take the first step to making your health a priority.

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