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In past decades, addiction was viewed as resulting from a lack of morals and a lack of willpower. After decades of exhaustive research, however, we now understand that substances can alter how the brain functions and can lead to compulsive behavior. Commonly abused substances include heroin, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, and steroids. Although it can be difficult to overcome an addiction, you can begin the road to recovery with a Philadelphia drug and alcohol inpatient addiction treatment program, or a treatment program that is out-of-state.

Overview of inpatient addiction treatment

Drug and alcohol inpatient treatment allows teenagers and adults to receive full-time care by living in a facility for at least a month. Inpatient care is ideal if you’re suffering from a severe addiction and have tried other options that have been unsuccessful.

After enrolling in an inpatient addiction treatment program, you’ll be assessed by the staff and assigned a therapist whom you will work with during your stay. The first stage of the program includes the drug detox process, which allows the body to rid itself of toxins and harmful substances. Medically supervised detoxes are more successful and reduce the risk of harmful side effects. During the process, an in-house medical staff of trained nurses and doctors will closely monitor you. You may experience nausea, vomiting, headaches, and fatigue. The staff may prescribe certain medications to alleviate the discomfort. The medications will also reduce cravings. Detoxing in a drug and alcohol inpatient treatment facility is a much safer option than weaning off the substance in your home.

Your time in an inpatient program will consist of group therapy and behavioral therapy sessions that will allow you to discuss your history of substance abuse. Specialized sessions to evaluate underlying mental conditions may also take place. Additionally, your family members may visit the facility to participate in therapy sessions and learn more about your addiction. Once they are informed and speak to a professional, they can provide you with support and help you continue the recovery process once you return home. Your time spent in an inpatient addiction treatment program will be determined by the progress that you make with the help of a team of medical professionals and therapists.

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Recovery housing

Prolonging the time spent in treatment programs has been shown to reduce the risk of relapse. Sober living homes are available for patients who want to continue receiving treatment in a safe environment that is drug- and alcohol-free. Recovery housing holds you accountable for your actions and makes it easier to transition back to your everyday life. The homes often offer group therapy sessions and require residents to attend daily meetings. Curfews are also enforced, but you can come and go as you please during the day.

You’ll be encouraged to form friendships with other residents. Doing so will provide you with a support system of understanding peers. Sober living homes are particularly helpful because they provide a living environment in which you can focus on recovery with other individuals who have similar struggles and histories of substance abuse. Although it’s normal to have a fear of returning to your normal life, sober living homes will help you find employment or a permanent residence once you’re ready to leave.

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Candidates for drug and alcohol inpatient treatment

Drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Philadelphia can benefit teenagers and adults who have had failed attempts at staying clean in the past. If your substance use disorder has gotten in the way of daily living, it may be time to consider a change. At a facility, you’ll have the people, services, and tools you need to begin and continue on the road to recovery. Professional staff can treat your addiction and help you learn to maintain your sobriety once you complete the program.

Preparing for an inpatient substance abuse treatment program

Preparing for drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Philadelphia can make it easier to enroll and transition into the program. Pack the necessities and avoid bringing items that will distract you from healing. Consider bringing a journal where you can write down your thoughts or notes taken during therapy sessions.

Contact your insurance provider to determine if the drug addiction recovery program is covered. You may need to undergo drug testing periodically to have the costs paid in full by your policy. Tie up loose ends with your finances, and pay your bills in advance to avoid extra fees or charges while you’re away from home.

Avoid binging on drugs or alcohol before entering the program. Eat healthily and exercise to improve your strength for the drug detox process. Preparing mentally is just as important before entering the program. Take the process one day at a time and find a local support group to return to once you complete your treatment. Receiving support from your family can also improve your success rate before you begin the drug treatment program.

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Remaining sober

There are several tools and practices to help you remain sober after receiving drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Philadelphia. Experts suggest remaining productive and staying busy with hobbies or activities that you enjoy. If you have old friends who continue to use drugs or alcohol, find a different group of people to spend time with and avoid returning to familiar locations where you used to use.

Connecting with a support group in the local area is also essential to maintain your sobriety. These groups can help you form relationships with other individuals who understand your experience. The inpatient program that you enroll in can help you find a group that you can attend once you complete your treatment.

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