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Substance abuse and drug addiction are very serious conditions, the latter of which is actually classified as a chronic disease. No one expects to become addicted to a drug or alcohol, but it’s a very real issue that can make life extremely difficult. The best way to recover from an addiction is to seek some form of treatment, such as inpatient addiction treatment in Philadelphia. When you’ve become addicted to a drug, it’s important that you enter a drug abuse program as soon as possible. Call Rehabs Philadelphia at (866) 274-7844 and speak to one of our addiction professionals to learn more.

How drugs affect your brain

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Drugs change the way your brain works by minimizing your ability to make choices that actually benefit you. Even when the drug or alcohol is adversely affecting you and those close to you, you may be unable to quit taking a drug due to changes in your brain. If you make an attempt at quitting on your own, you’ll likely be met with severe withdrawal symptoms that heighten the possibility of relapse.

People become addicted to drugs for any number of reasons. Whether you’ve been prescribed pain medication for a recent injury or you initially sampled some heroin or cocaine with friends, the body can become dependent very quickly. For instance, when you take a standard medication that you’ve been prescribed, there’s a chance that the effects could start to diminish, making the drug less effective at relieving pain. When this happens, many people try to take larger doses of the drug to obtain the kind of feeling they previously enjoyed. This creates a vicious cycle where the user continues to increase their dosage as the efficacy of the drug wanes. If you’re ever taking a drug that stops working as intended, make sure to tell your doctor immediately. Increasing the dosage yourself can lead to substance abuse and addiction, among other issues.

Once addiction sets in, it is recommended that you enter into outpatient drug rehabilitation or an inpatient drug rehab program to recover from the addiction for good. Admitting that you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol is never easy, but it can save you from a lot of problems down the road. When you need help finding the right drug or alcohol rehab program, call our addiction specialists at (866) 274-7844 so that we can help you sort out your options.


Finding help for drug addiction 

philadelphia drug rehab

Finding help for your drug addiction is easier than it may seem.

The addiction specialists at Rehabs Philadelphia can help you determine the addiction treatment that fits your specific criteria and provides you with the best chance of recovery. Outpatient rehab may be a suitable option for those with milder addictions or those who are unable to leave their normal lives, and inpatient addiction treatment may be ideal for those with severe addictions who have a high likelihood of relapse.

No matter which of these options you select, you’ll first progress through what is known as detox. This process is designed to safely get you through the withdrawal symptoms and side effects that you invariably experience when attempting to stop taking a substance you’re addicted to. If you need help finding a program for alcohol or drug detox, call us today so that we can assist you.

Additional aspects of drug rehab include behavioral counseling through such programs as individual therapy and group support. If you’re looking at an inpatient treatment center, these facilities offer care on a 24/7 basis so that you can get the help you need. Minimum stays are set to 30 days, although these programs can last for as long as it takes for you to establish a firm foundation for lifelong recovery. Speak live to our addiction specialists today at (866) 274-7844 to start looking at your treatment options.


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